Well, friends, this has been a long time in the making. I’ve walked a road paved with equal parts of heartache and grace, but it was hope that led me each step of the way.

Today, I launch my very first book, Nothing to Hold but Hope,  in both paperback and kindle form. It is the story of my 15 year battle through miscarriage, stillbirth, and secondary infertility. It wasn’t easy to write, because I had to relive so much heartache. However, it was worth all the tears I shed because I wrote it for every individual who has been through grief of any kind. This book is a ministry tool to help encourage hearts. We have all been touched by the unwelcome hand of grief in our lives, and there are some of you feeling it right now. This book is for you.

Though I may not know your names, God does, and I am making the commitment to pray for you as you read my memoir. Also, today would have been my daughter Courtney’s 18th birthday. The cover of this book has given her little legs life. In honor of her birthday, I want to bless you with a giveaway!

To four winners, I am giving away a copy of my new book, Nothing to Hold but Hope, as well as a copy of You’re Going to be Okay by the lovely Holley Gerth! Holley has endorsed my book and I am honored to give her book away along with mine. Also, each winner will receive a beautiful bracelet with the word hope on it. The jewelry is handcrafted in Tennessee by ellajude. They are a fantastic Christian company. You can find their work popping up in boutiques throughout the south. They have provided me with these bracelets in honor of today’s giveaway!

To win these prizes, all you have to do is enter below with rafflecoppter! The winner will be announced one week from today.

Nothing to Hold but Hope book bundle photobracelet photoIt would bless my heart in a BIG way if you would consider sharing about my book to others(NTHBH Button) Nothing to Hold but Hope You can share the video trailer, invite friends to enter the book and bracelet giveaway, share my book with the link to Amazon, or tell about my blog on your social media outlets. (If you are using Twitter, you can use the hashtag #nothingtoholdbuthope)You can even choose all of the above!

Thank you to all who have been so supportive to me. You are each a gift and so dear to my heart! Continue to hold hope, sweet friends!





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