Nothing to Hold but Hope

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Two things can happen through grief: we can become comfortable with it, allowing it to become an unwanted companion, or we can let hope rise. The latter is anything but easy; it’s a journey.

In Nothing to Hold but Hope, Jennifer Kostick takes us through her real life struggle of pain, telling us the story of her fifteen-year battle through miscarriage, stillbirth, and secondary infertility. She invites us to walk with her through the desert of grief while searching for hope. Throughout each step, Jennifer paints a candid portrait of what the battle of grief looks like, while providing encouragement for the weary heart along the way.

“As a woman who has gone through infertility and loss, I know how lonely the journey can feel. Two things can make a huge difference: hope for your heart and a friend to walk with you. Jennifer Kostick offers both on these pages as she shares her personal story as well as much-needed encouragement.“

Holley Gerth, best-selling author of
You’re Going to Be Okay

“Jennifer’s story is so powerful! Readers will find her honesty, transparency, and vulnerability deeply moving, her faith encouraging, and her hope truly inspiring!”

Christin Ditchfield, author of
What Women Should Know About Facing Fear

“I’m always amazed by the powerful stories women share related to fertility and faith. Each journey, a trial by fire that produces a God-breathed warrior spirit. Jennifer Kosticks’ battle, and subsequent victory, is infused with the miraculous power of God. I cried, I cheered, I prayed. And I believed. Written with authenticity and heart, Jennifer shares the wisdom of a veteran, the soul of a girl….who won’t give up on God. Any woman, walking through a similar journey would be challenged and inspired to give Him a try.”

Lisha Epperson,

“Nothing to Hold but Hope is a coffee date for the soul. Reading Jennifer’s story of pain and redemption is like sitting down with a dear friend or mentor, and allowing your heart to be ministered to by someone you love and trust. Any woman who has journeyed down the painful road of infertility, miscarriage, or stillbirth will find that Jennifer’s story resonates within her, and will find hope and encouragement in knowing she is not alone in her grief, fear, and struggle, and she will recognize the challenge to relinquish her fear and anger to the Peace Giver.”

“Jennifer shares her story with frankness and humility, and offers readers comfort and hope to hold on to.”

Amanda Erickson,



When you have nothing left to hold, you can always hold hope.




Available now on Amazon!



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